Provand’s Lordship Glasgow

Are you a lover of History? Or do you find yourself fascinated by discovering the oldest possible parts of Glasgow? Well then, look no further than Provand’s Lordship. Located just a few minutes walk, and across the road from Glasgow Cathedral. This fascinating building is one of the two oldest standing houses in the city, although, at one point this house would have been one of the hundreds in that area. The house itself was built in 1471 by Andrew Muirhead, who was the bishop of Glasgow. It is thought that the building was part of a hospital that stood on the site.

Where can I find Provand's Lordship in Glasgow?

Step back into medieval Glasgow with a visit to this fascinating building with its range of 17th furniture and portraits.

Throughout its long and fascinating history, the building has experienced an interesting life. In the 1900s, when the Provand’s Lordship was forming with the aim of saving the building, it was occupied by the Morton family who ran a sweet shop from the building; this survived until after the first world war. At the moment, the building operates as a museum and admission is currently free. Inside, you can find amazing displays on each of the three main stories. These displays explain the history of the house and medieval Glasgow as a whole. So, what are you waiting for? Come and see one of the oldest houses in Glasgow and step back in time to experience the fascinating history of the area!

  • Provand’s Lordship was built in 1471
  • One of only four surviving medieval buildings in Glasgow
  • Close to St Mungo’s Cathedral
  • admission is free

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