Puzzling World Wanaka

Nestled in the stunning landscapes of Wanaka, New Zealand, Puzzling World offers a unique blend of bewildering puzzles, mazes, and optical illusions that have fascinated visitors from around the globe for decades. This one-of-a-kind attraction invites guests of all ages to step into an interactive world where reality is twisted and imagination reigns supreme. From the moment you enter through the eccentrically designed building, you’re transported into a realm where the laws of physics and perspective are playfully challenged.

Exploring the Illusion Rooms

Puzzling World’s Illusion Rooms are at the heart of its allure. Each room is meticulously designed to challenge your perceptions and make you question what is real. The Ames Room, for instance, plays with your sense of size and scale, making people appear larger or smaller depending on where they stand. The Hologram Hall showcases a collection of mind-bending three-dimensional images that seem to pop out at you as you move around them.

What makes Puzzling World unique compared to other attractions?

Puzzling World's uniqueness lies in its combination of interactive illusion rooms, challenging mazes including one of the world's first modern-style labyrinths; fascinating exhibits like Sculptillusion Gallery; brain-teasing puzzles available for play; and iconic structures such as the Leaning Tower of Wanaka.

The Great Maze

The outdoor maze is another highlight, offering a physical and mental challenge to those who dare to enter. Spread over 1.5 kilometers of pathways, this labyrinth is one of the world’s first modern-style mazes. Visitors can spend anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour navigating through its complex network of dead ends and confusing turns, making it a perfect adventure for families or groups looking for a fun challenge.

Fascinating Exhibits

Beyond the maze and illusion rooms, Puzzling World features several other exhibits that captivate visitors’ imaginations. The Sculptillusion Gallery combines sculpture with illusion in ways that defy expectations, featuring artworks that change before your eyes as you view them from different angles. Additionally, the Puzzle Centre allows guests to test their problem-solving skills with various brain teasers and puzzles available for all age groups.

Leaning Tower of Wanaka

No visit to Puzzling World would be complete without seeing the Leaning Tower of Wanaka. This striking structure appears to defy gravity by leaning at an astonishing angle, creating a perfect photo opportunity and symbolizing the playful defiance of normalcy that characterizes Puzzling World.

Visitor Information

Puzzling World is open year-round, offering various ticket options suitable for individuals, families, and groups. While walk-ins are welcome, booking tickets online in advance is recommended during peak seasons to avoid long waits. The attraction also includes amenities such as a café serving snacks and refreshments, making it easy for visitors to spend several hours exploring everything on offer.


  • Interactive Illusion Rooms challenge perceptions with optical illusions.
  • The Great Maze offers a physical and mental challenge across 1.5 kilometers of pathways.
  • Fascinating Exhibits like Sculptillusion Gallery combine art with illusion.
  • The Puzzle Centre tests problem-solving skills with various puzzles.
  • The iconic Leaning Tower of Wanaka provides unique photo opportunities.
  • Amenities include a café offering snacks and refreshments for visitors.

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