Always wanted to drive at high speeds around the racetrack? Well now you can because castle combe has a 1.85-mile-long racetrack where you can bring your car and let it rip!

Where can I find a racetrack in Wiltshire?

At Castle Combe, 5 miles west of Chippenham.

Castle combe is one of the UK’s best-racing circuits as it has a wide range of experiences and activities. The race track is home to many events involving racing such as the rally day where you can bring along your rally car and race others.

If you are looking to get into racing, they have lessons at the track where you will be guided through how to drive and control your car in a track racing environment and it doesn’t matter what skill level you are. The track has activities and events for everyone who is interested in cars, driving and racing!

  • Prices vary depending on the activity or event
  • Opening times Mon to Fri 9 am to 5:30 pm
  • Food and drink on site
  • Easy bookings on the website


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