RAF Scampton Heritage Centre, nestled in the heart of Scampton, Central England and the Midlands, offers a profound journey through time, celebrating the rich history of one of the United Kingdom’s most significant Royal Air Force stations. This visitor guide aims to provide an insightful look into what makes RAF Scampton a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts, aviation aficionados, and families looking for an educational day out.

Welcome to RAF Scampton

Upon arrival at RAF Scampton Heritage Centre, visitors are greeted with a warm welcome that sets the tone for an engaging exploration. The centre is dedicated to preserving and sharing the illustrious history of RAF Scampton, which played a pivotal role during World War II and beyond. From its early days in World War I as Home Defence Flight Station Brattleby, it evolved significantly through the decades.

What innovative weapon did 617 Squadron use during their famous raid?

Bouncing bombs

The Dambusters and Beyond

No visit to RAF Scampton would be complete without delving into the legendary story of the Dambusters – 617 Squadron. The squadron, which was formed at Scampton in March 1943, carried out one of WWII’s most daring raids using innovative bouncing bombs designed by Barnes Wallis. The Heritage Centre proudly showcases memorabilia, photographs, and artifacts related to this remarkable mission and its crew members.

Exploring the Exhibits

The centre boasts a wide array of exhibits that span the entire history of RAF Scampton. Visitors can explore everything from original aircraft on display to personal items belonging to those who served at the base. Each exhibit is thoughtfully curated to provide insights into daily life at RAF Scampton as well as its operational significance throughout history.

Educational Opportunities

RAF Scampton Heritage Centre is not just about preserving history; it’s also about educating future generations. The centre offers a range of educational programs and resources designed to engage students and young visitors. These initiatives help bring history to life through interactive displays and hands-on learning experiences.

A Living History

One of the unique aspects of visiting RAF Scampton Heritage Centre is the opportunity to meet veterans and hear their stories firsthand. These living histories add a deeply personal dimension to the exhibits, allowing visitors to connect with past events on an emotional level.


  • Home to legendary 617 Squadron – The Dambusters
  • Wide range of exhibits spanning WWI to modern times
  • Original aircraft on display including those used in significant missions
  • Educational programs designed for students and young visitors
  • Opportunity to meet veterans and hear firsthand accounts

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