Are you looking for a quirky day out? Well, why not challenge your friends or family to a competitive raft building challenge! Use whatever materials are on offer, from old barrels to logs to bits of pipe scrap to create your raft – the only thing stopping you is your imagination! Use those communication and problem-solving skills to the max as you try to build the best raft and see whose is the last raft floating. Rafts can come in all shapes and sizes whatever floats your boat I guess. Let’s just hope you don’t sink!

What team-building activities can I do in the Lake District?

You can enjoy raft building exercises with Joint Adventures, located in Coniston.

The raft building challenge can last as long as a half-day session, so why not keep the adventure going with some other great activities in the Lake District? Nearby in Grizdale forest, you can swing through the trees with their fantastic high ropes, or maybe you’d rather stay on the water with a kayaking, canoeing or paddleboarding trip? Whatever you’re interested in, you can build up a great Stack in the Lake District!

  • Build your raft and take it out into the water
  • Compete with other teams to make the best raft
  • Build rafts of all shapes and sizes using logs and barrels
  • Prices vary depending on activity duration and size of teams

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