Rage Room in Glasgow – the Ultimate Wrecking Experience

Have a smashing time with a rage room experience! Demolition therapy for everyone who needs to let off steam. Look no further than Rage Room Glasgow, at the Xcite Activity Centre.

A rage room, also known as an anger room or a smash room, is a room in which guests can book and enter to vent their anger by destroying random objects. What drives this global craze?  Basically, is the ultimate opportunity to de-stress. Everyday objects include laptops, TVs, broken computers, printers and much more – if it needs smashing it will be in the rage room!

Where can I find a rage or wrecking room in Glasgow?

Located at the Xcite Activity Centre on Hydepark Street in Glasgow, Rage Rooms Glasgow, are only a 15-minute walk away from Glasgow Central Station or 5 minutes away in a taxi.

Visitors can break items by throwing them against hard surfaces, throwing other items at them or smashing them with the use of a tool such as a sledgehammer! Some of the objects guests can smash into pieces include, laptops, TVs, glassware, phones, printers, computers, tableware, pottery plus loads more! If it can be smashed it could be found waiting for you in your rage room!

Rage Room Glasgow is the perfect way for visitors to de-stress. Guests can bring their friends, partners or family to enjoy a night of destruction! Only 6 people are allowed per session so make sure to choose your demolitions team wisely. The experience usually involves wearing protective gear and using a variety of weapons, such as bats and hammers, to smash and break various items, such as furniture, dishes, and electronics. The rooms are typically soundproofed and equipped with safety measures to ensure the safety of participants.

Booked sessions last for 30 minutes and include various items for visitors to destroy. Additional items are also available to buy on-site.

  • Bronze package £30
  • Silver package £70
  • Gold package £90
  • Over 16s only
  • Booking available on the company website

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