Reubens 46’s Butcher’s Block BBQ Challenge (Whitchurch)

Do you love eating food? Test your nerve against The Butcher’s Block Challenge, this gutt wrenching meal contains eight different BBQ meats and your choice of six sides. The meat options are BBQ pulled pork, brisket, burnt ends, southern fried chicken, baby back ribs, beef short ribs, 1/4 jerk chicken, and buffalo wings and the side options are skin-on fries, sweet fries, mac & cheese, tobacco onions, slaw, jalapeno slaw, BBQ pit beans, house salad, garlic & chili buttered broccoli, jacket potato, and sweet chili corn. Once all the food is done you must top it off by drinking the cookie monster shake, will you finish?

What food challenges can I do near Liverpool?

Take on the Butcher’s Block BBQ Challenge down at Reubens 46 in Whitchurch!

For those who conquer this beast of a challenge, you will be rewarded with a place on the wall of fame and a free meal!

  • Type: BBQ
  • Price:£40
  • Weight:7lbs/3.2kg
  • Time Limit:1 Hour
  • Most book in advance


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