Travel back to Roman times at Vindolanda – one of Europe’s most significant Roman ruins! This settlement was once an important military base during the Roman occupation and was even built before Hadrian’s wall. Visit the town itself and imagine what it would have been like to walk these streets 2000 years ago. Their world-class museum is filled with incredible archaeological finds and with new things being discovered all the time, it’s constantly evolving! If you’re looking for a truly unique historic experience that’s great for people of all ages then Vindolanda should definitely be on your Stack!

Where can I learn about the Roman occupation?

Vindolanda's archaeological site and museum is not only an incredible and unique historic ruin but also home to 'Britain's top treasure' - the Vindolanda Writing Tablets! Their museum uses the most up to date interpretation techniques to tell the story of the Roman occupation and the history of Vindolanda through the centuries.

The team at Vindolanda are passionate about uncovering the rich and complex history of this Roman fort, which was destroyed and rebuilt no less than nine times! They estimate that only 24% of the site has been excavated so far, with much more left to discover. They also offer Saver Tickets for both Vindolanda and the Roman Army museum just 7 miles down the road.

  • Open daily from 10am until 5pm (and 10am-4pm after November 1st)
  • Tickets are £8.30 for adults, £7.80 for concessions, £4.75 for children, and £23.75 for a family ticket
  • Saver Tickets are £12.15 for adults, £11.40 for concessions, £6.85 for children, and £34.20 for a family ticket
  • Book your arrival slot on their website
  • Allow for 15 minutes of travel between the sites

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