Running Tours in Manchester

Go Running Tours in Manchester, North of England, offers a unique and exhilarating way to explore one of the UK’s most vibrant cities. Combining the love for running with the passion for sightseeing, Go Running Tours allows visitors to discover Manchester’s rich history, culture, and architecture on foot. Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or a casual jogger, these tours cater to all levels of fitness and interest, making them an inclusive option for everyone.

Why choose Go Running Tours Manchester?

Opting for Go Running Tours in Manchester provides an opportunity not just to see the city but to experience it in a completely different light. The tours are designed by local runners who know the city inside out. They take participants through well-known landmarks as well as hidden gems that are off the beaten path. This approach offers a deeper understanding and appreciation of Manchester’s heritage, from its industrial past to its thriving present.

Can participants customize their own running route with Go Running Tours in Manchester?

Yes, private tours can be arranged upon request which allows individuals or groups to tailor their journey according to specific interests or fitness levels.

What can you expect?

Participants can expect a variety of routes that cover different themes and areas of the city. From scenic river runs to urban explorations through bustling neighborhoods, each tour is thoughtfully curated to showcase the best of Manchester. The guides are not only knowledgeable about running but also about the city’s history and culture, providing insightful commentary along the way. Moreover, these tours are paced comfortably according to group preferences, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all.

Personalized experiences

One of the highlights of Go Running Tours in Manchester is their commitment to offering personalized experiences. Private tours can be arranged upon request, allowing individuals or groups to tailor their journey according to specific interests or fitness levels. Whether it’s focusing on architectural marvels, delving into Manchester’s musical legacy, or even tracing the footsteps of famous footballers, there’s something special for every runner.

Social impact

Beyond providing an innovative sightseeing experience, Go Running Tours also emphasizes social responsibility. A portion of their proceeds goes towards supporting local community projects and promoting sustainable tourism practices within Manchester. This initiative adds an extra layer of meaning to each run, knowing that participants are contributing positively to the community while enjoying their adventure.

How to join

Joining a tour with Go Running Tours in Manchester is straightforward. Interested individuals can book directly through their website where they’ll find detailed information on upcoming tours including dates, times, routes, and prices. Additionally, special requests for private or customized tours can be accommodated by contacting them directly via email or phone.


  • Tours designed by local runners
  • Caters to all levels of fitness
  • Variety of themed routes
  • In-depth exploration of both famous landmarks and hidden gems
  • Knowledgeable guides with insights into history and culture
  • Opportunity for personalized experiences through private tours
  • A portion of proceeds supports local community projects

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