Want to take up an exciting new hobby? Fancy sailing yourself into the open waters whenever you like? Why not join the Arisaig Sailing Club and learn from scratch or further develop your sailing skills with a tight-knit community of fellow sailors! Arisaig Sailing Club welcomes newcomers with open arms and helps visitors learn everything they need to know about sailing on the coast of Arisaig Village!

What can I do at Arisaig Sailing Club?

Arisaig Sailing Club is located in the village of Arisaig on the west coast of Lochaber. Here, people can join the club which provides boats and instruction to guests of all ages and pay a small amount for their membership. The location makes the perfect area for learning to sail and enjoying the scenery of the beautiful coastline. Founded in 2008 as the dingy section of the Road to the Isles sailing club, the sections separated in 2012 when the dingy section became what is today known as Arisaig Sailing Club!

There are a number of different types of boats available to use at Arisaig sailing club to suit every visitor’s needs! Safety equipment such as life jackets and life rings are also available for free to take with you on your ventures! Unfortunately there is an age restriction as children over 8 and under 12 do need to be accompanied by and adult but on the bright side a seasonal membership fee for the season is only £15 a child me on down and set sail today!

  • Wetsuits and warm change of clothing recommended
  • Boats and tuition provided
  • Children 8 and over are welcome to sail independently
  • Memberships available

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