Salmon and Trout Fishing on the Selfljót River Estuaries

Are you looking for an incredible Icelandic fishing experience? Just a couple of miles from Héraðssandur bay in east Iceland lies the excellent Selfljót River Estuaries. Set against an impressive backdrop of the Dyrfjöll and Beinageitarfjall mountains, that tower imposingly on one side and with the north sea on the other, there are few fishing spots as magnificent as this anywhere else in the world!

Where can I go fishing in Iceland?

Selfljót offers up unforgettable Salmon, Char and Trout fishing set in amongst Iceland's stunning wilderness.

There are all sorts of fishing experiences available here, offering up excitement for experienced fly fishers and also those who are happy to throw out a line and relax in the stunning natural surroundings. Silver Char frequent the popular ‘oasis’ area, and as the summer progresses you can often catch Salmon, Trout and large Char in the Gilsá and Bjarglandsá areas.

Fishing licences can be purchased on the website, starting at 8,500 IKR for a half-day and 14,000 IKR for a whole day in areas 1 – 5, and 14,000 IKR for a half-day and 22,000 IKR for a full day in areas 6 and 7. There are plenty of nearby accommodation options for all group sizes listed on the website as well, so it is easy to plan your fishing trip to the Selfljót River Estuaries.

  • Salmon, Char and Trout fishing
  • Stunning Backdrop
  • Prices from just 8,500 IKR
  • Check out the video below for a look at some of Iceland’s best fishing