Want to take salsa dancing classes? Fan of Strictly come dancing? Look no further than Salsa Brighton for the very best salsa and Latin dance classes in Brighton! The vibrant and talented team will teach you everything you need to know to become the next best dancer! Classes are held every Sunday at Revolution bar and after lessons is a Latin dance party through the night- voted the best Sunday night out in Brighton for 2 years running!

Where can I have dance classes in Brighton?

Look no further than Salsa Brighton to learn the very best Latin and Salsa dances with great people and great music!

The Sunday Salsa sessions welcome all abilities and you will be taught footwork, movement and technique breakdown. Salsa Brighton also offers private lessons so whether you want to surprise your partner or just improve on your dancing, you will be guided through all you need to know about salsa and Latin dancing on a 1 to 1 basis!

Fun facts about Salsa dancing

  1. The Origin of the Name “Salsa” is a Mystery: The dance was named after the style of music but no one quite knows why it was named “salsa.” Some suggest the name comes from the food since it has elements from many cultures much like salsa has many ingredients!
  2. Salsa dancing is a mixture of several Latin dances, including mambo, tango and flamenco, all originating from different regions. Because of this, there are several styles of salsa, including Cuban, Miami style, Afro-Latino, and Colombian salsa.
  • Doors open 7:30
  • ID required
  • 50 % off drinks

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