Science Media Museum in Bradford

Love Wallace and Gromit? Remember Morph? Discover original models and artwork from over 100 animations. See science in action as still images come to life down at the science media museum in Bradford! This museum will put you back to the future, see displays from the history behind the moon landing, the first-ever game console, early tv adverts, retro cameras, anything film and TV from the UK they will have it plus more!

What museum's can I visit in Bradford

The National Science and Media Museum is home to more than 3 million items of historical and cultural significance. See anything from early animation, cameras, the evolution of tv and so much more!

Love animation then you will love the Science Media Museum in Bradford. explore the history of animation and animated images—including animation produced right here in the UK. See some favourite characters, look back at animation through the ages, and discover how animators work their magic, get comfy in the viewing booth and watch animated clips from 1897 to the present day. Learn about animation techniques from cut-outs to CGI, and explore the history of famous animators including Walt Disney and Lotte Reiniger.

The Museum is home to to three fantastic screens, including the biggest, most immersive IMAX in West Yorkshire, you can see flicks such as show blockbusters and family favourites alongside cult classics and fabulous event cinema
  • Entry to the museum is free
  • The museum features a cinema and other experiences
  • Over 1000 items to view
  • 10.00–17.00, Wednesday to Sunday

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