Scuba Diving in Glasgow

Have you always wanted to learn to Scuba dive but never knew where you could do it? Then, come over to Glasgow and finally, get your PADI diving certificate! Courses range from classroom to pool diving to open water diving. You can work your confidence up by learning in-depth about diving and the aquatic environment before you set off to experience it first-hand in the open water scuba diving courses. The courses do require textbook studying and exams, however, the certifications you receive at the end are internationally recognised. If you do not want to do the complete courses, there are plenty of other activities you can choose from!

Where can I learn to scuba dive in Glasgow?

Based in Glasgow, Scuba Diving Scotland awaits aquatic and diving enthusiasts to give scuba diving a try! From Central Station, you can ride 4 stops on the 70 or 75 bus to Corn Street and walk another 10 minutes, or drive north of the city centre for around 10 minutes via Port Dundas Road.

For those interested in a taster session, a pool trial session is also available, where you get extra training and tips from instructors. Furthermore, your diving equipment is also included in the price. If you want to make scuba diving a permanent fixture in your life, Scuba Diving Scotland sells diving equipment on their website for those interested to purchase. Grab your swimsuits and let’s dive!

Scuba-diving Tips

Your guide at Scuba Diving Scotland will teach you everything you need to know about diving, but here are some tips to get you started:

  • Never hold your breath! It may feel strange to breathe underwater at first, but holding your breath can be extremely dangerous.
  • Remember to equalise your ears frequently – one way to do this is to pinch your nose and blow out gently.
  • Don’t move too fast at a pace that makes you run out of breath quickly.
  • Make sure to ascend slowly from your dive – coming up to quickly can cause decompression sickness.
  • Full-length courses are available for a range of prices starting from £290
  • Minimum age of 12 years old
  • Adequate swimming skills and good physical health are required for diving courses
  • A medical form is required prior to the start of the course
  • Get help from some of the best PADI professionals in the UK
  • Courses ranging from beginner to advanced; ideal for anyone looking to dive
  • Equipment available to get you started

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