Do you think your sea legs are strong enough to explore the scenic waters around Oban? Explore everything from sheltered shores and beaches to wild tidal conditions with Sea Kayak Oban! Come along one of the many kayaking trips available and even camp out on your own deserted island for the night! This water adventure is filled with excitement and discovery and welcomes visitors of all abilities!

Why should I visit Sea Kayak Oban?

Based in one of the world's best sea kayaking destinations, Sea Kayak Oban offers some of the best sea kayaking experiences there are! With help from highly qualified guides and instructors, the team at Sea Kayak Oban make sure that visitors make the most out of their time out in the water!

All prices paid when booking an adventure through Sea Kayak Oban includes paddling equipment and clothing. Camping equipment is also available and included in the booking price so there is no extra cost! Visitors must book in advance for camping experiences.

Day trips include the whole sea kayak experience and full-day trips, these trips are suitable for beginners and families wanting to try out kayaking for the first time.

Courses for newcomers to the activity are available and offer guests a means to learn how to sea kayak with either a 2-day or 5-day course that ranges in difficulty between beginner and advanced.

Sea Kayak Leader training and assessments are available to sit at Sea Kayak Oban for those more experienced in the activity. There are also training courses for coastal navigation and tidal planning.

  • Newcomers welcome
  • Experience Days start from £85
  • Coastal day trips from £95
  • More information on prices for each activity can be found on the Sea Kayak Oban website

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