Seaflower Boat Tour – Skye

Have you always wanted to explore the islands whilst on a luxury boat because if you have then you need to go onto the Sea flower Skye and explore the unique landmarks. They offer both a half-day and a full-day tour which will let you see the isles of Rona and Raasay. They provide four different tours; Evening Sunset Prosecco Cruise, Rona with Seafood Lunch, Full Day Rona and Raasay Tour with Seafood Lunch and also Private Charters – POA! The prices range from £50-£140 per person and when you book it you have to send a £25 deposit. Each experience lasts a different time depending on your choice of tour the shortest tour is 2 hours and the longest is 8 hours.

Why should i go to the Sea flower boat tour in Skye?

If you go on the Sea flower you will get to experience the sights of the isles of Skye, Rona and Raasay that are otherwise unseen. You will get to see so many spectacular views of the beautiful island and maybe even its wildlife from the comfort of a luxury boat.

On the boat, they provide a lot of really nice food such as Shellfish and Salmon. All the shellfish are provided by their own family which they have fished for over 45 years. If you are looking for something to do on a nice weekend away then you have to come here.

  • price between £50-£140
  • the longest tour lasts 8 hour
  • 5-star review

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