See The Famous Rock Formatons at Kura Tawhiti Access Track

Calling all adventure seekers! Are you looking for something unique, yet unforgettable to do on your next day off? If this sounds like you, make sure to visit The Kura Tawhiti Access Track on your next day off! The area is famous for its magnificent limestone rock formations, which can be seen for miles in either direction. However, they are best experienced up close!

Where can I find rock formations in New Zealand?

The landscape of New Zealand is renowned worldwide for being rugged and beautiful. This means there is a huge amount of scenic areas throughout the islands. One of the most interesting is the Kura Tawhiti Access Track.

For millennia, this area has been highly significant in the history and culture of the area. The name Kura Tawhiti loosely translates as “the treasure from a distant land”. This explains why the area has been associated with a supernatural land, but the local Maori people. The area is close to Christchurch and can be reached by following the SH73. So, what are you waiting for? If this sounds like the perfect day out for you and your family, then make sure to visit The Kura Tawhiti Access Track near Christchurch!

  • Toilet facilities.
  • Must follow a rock climbing guide.
  • Adequate clothing and footwear are required.


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