See the Magnifiscent Sculptures at Gibbs Farm

Calling all art lovers! Are you looking for something unforgettable to do on your next day off? Or are you just looking for something to stimulate your creativity? Either way, make sure to visit Gibbs Farm on the North Island! This fantastic facility celebrates local and international art by providing a unique space and backdrop for the pieces to be viewed from.

Where can I view sculptures in New Zealand?

New Zealand has a rich culture and history when it comes to art, with many different galleries and exhibits throughout the country. However, one of the most interesting attractions is Gibbs Farm, located just outside Auckland.

The land was purchased back in 1991, to be used as a so-called “farm”, and to this day includes works from some of the worlds most renowned sculptures and artists. Many of the works housed at the facility are commissioned. This makes them slightly different to a typical gallery, in the sense that the facility and artists must coordinate with each other. So, if this sounds like a perfect day out for you, make sure to take a trip to Gibbs Farm on your next day off!

  • Free entry.
  • Open 10am to 2pm, Weekdays.
  • Located a short distance from Auckland.


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