See the Northern Lights from Norfolk!
See the Northern Lights from Norfolk!

See the Northern Lights from Norfolk!

Want to see the northern lights? A lot of people spend a fortune travelling for hours to far flung locations (Norway, Iceland, the Arctic) to see the splendour of the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) and it’s no wonder why, as the spectacle is something to behold. However little do they know they could have seen this wonder on their doorstep, in Norfolk, just two hours outside of London! The great thing about seeing this naturally occurring, an astronomical phenomenon from Britain is that it increases your odds of seeing the wonder as you can go back as often as you like to rural Norfolk which has some of the clearest, darkest skies in the UK giving visitors one of the best views of the night sky. Due to a lack of artificial city light and its dry night temperature. Go and see constellations, watch meteors, behold the aurora or just stand in awe under the vast array of stars (you’ll maybe even see some planets). The Northern Lights appear as a spectacular symphony of colour lighting up the sky in a surreal, alien glow!

Where can I see the Northern Lights in Norfolk?

People believe you have to go far up north to see this spectacular event, at least up to Scotland, but this is not the case! You can see the Northern Lights in the south of England! You just have to get away from light pollution, making Norfolk one of the best places to go, especially with it being a short trip down the A148 main road. Kelling Heath Holiday Park is a great place to go to view the spectacle and then travel back home or stay the night. It has good public access and all the facilities you need for a comfortable night out, and this location has seen great views of the aurora!

It is more common to see the naturally occurring phenomenon nowadays because the sun is in a particular cycle, whereby there is more solar flare activity that causes this astonishing event to happen. So wrap up warm and see if you can catch the World’s greatest lightshow in action, and if you don’t the stars will look awesome anyway! Plan ahead now so you don’t miss out by adding to your ‘Stack’ – with a simple click on the ‘Stack’ button, to save this experience for another day! And when you see the Northern Lights, remember to take some pics and share #AuroraBorealis with Funstackers in our ‘review’ section and on our twitter, because as fellow enthusiasts, we are super keen to hear all about your unbelievable experiences and it would help us out as well. But most of all enjoy getting another activity on your bucket list ticked off!

Northern Light Facts

  1. You can see them from space: Astronauts will sometimes pass through the aurora borealis while in orbit. While most displays of the Northern Lights appear between 90-130km above the Earth’s surface, they can reach up to 600km into space.
  2. The northern lights feature in Norse mythology: One Norse legend has the lights as reflections from the shield and armour of the Valkyries. These female warriors would choose which of the fallen would gain entry to Valhalla.
  • Natural kaleidoscope display
  • Featured on BBC, ITV, and many more.
  • Star gaze and potentially see a stunning aurora borealis display
  • Jaw-droppingly beautiful displays of the Northern Lights have been photographed in Cley, North Norfolk
  • Firm, accessible ground for wheelchair users
  • Awarded Dark Sky Discovery Site status – Wiveton Downs and Kelling Heath Holiday Park both met the strict criteria set by the Dark Sky Discovery Partnership, for lack of pollution, superb views and accessibility
  • These dark sky sites are one of the few places in the UK where you can see the northern lights or aurora borealis. Both sites have the highest accolade of being designated ‘two-star’ sites – where the seven stars of the Orion constellation and the Milky Way are visible without any equipment! 
  • This amazing activity can be enjoyed by anyone! Just wrap up warm, take a flask and your binoculars and enjoy the wonder of the skies above.

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