Knitting Tour in Shetland
Knitting Tour in Shetland

Knitting Tour in Shetland

Passionate about knitting and want to dedicate a whole holiday to it? Look no further! At Shetland Wool Adventures, you can book a 5-night retreat for you and your friends where you get to truly focus on the craft by attending master classes taught by experts, and travel around Shetland as you uncover the history and culture around the island. All while enjoying the lovely accommodation and local food.

Where can I learn more about knitting in Shetland?

Located near the harbour, Shetland Wool Adventure is a golden spot for those interested in knitting! 

With a maximum size of twelve people per tour group, you and your tour members can get to know each other as you set off on a new adventure together. Having an experience such as this is invaluable as you get to truly know the town and area you visit by letting yourself be guided by locals. At the same time, you are also deepening your knowledge and craft by focusing on techniques, methods and a lot more under the careful tutelage of experts. What are you waiting for? This is one of a kind experience!

  • Booking is provisional; contact staff via email.
  • Seen as this experience is a trip, it includes various activities (you can email for the full itinerary)
  • £1790 per person – £100 charge if you want a single room.
  • Meals and beverages are included in the price.
  • Travel in Shetland is also included in the price.
  • Activities you can look forward; to Lerwick town tour – full of history and culture, masterclasses on topics such as colour and Shetland lace & trips to various establishments connected to knitting such as The Shetland Textile Museum, The Unst Heritage Centre, etc.
  • See below for a video about the Shetland Wool Journal, a journal that celebrates craft, creativity, adventure and all things Shetland.

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