The only way to explore the beautiful Shotover Canyons is with Shotover Jet and their experience is something truly special! They combine the natural beauty of the pristine wall to wall canyon with the adrenaline fuelled ride of the jet boat!

How can I explore the Shotover Canyons?

Shotover Jet lets you explore the staggering Shotover Canyons all in an ultimate jet boat experience!

Proudly owned by Ngāi Tahu, the Māori people of the land, their connection to the river goes back centuries. They are the only people with access to the canyons and there is no other people better to take you round the river.

  • Prices
    • Adult – $129
    • Child – $67
    • Seniors – $99
    • Family (2 Adults, 2 Children) – $299
  • Combos and deals with other nearby sites are available

Some facts about the Jetboating!

  • The jet boat was developed in the 1950s by New Zealand farmer William Hamilton, to make it possible to travel in shallow rivers. However, locals loved the boats and soon realised how fun they were and the potential to make a unique tourist attraction!
  • The first commercial jet boat ride was used to raise funds for Christian youth camps!
  • The first Shotover Jet boating experience was set up in 1965!

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