Sighthill Skate Park

Get your skateboards, roller-skates or bike ready for this amazing skatepark in Sighthill. Sighthill Skatepark is perfect for skaters as they have a 6ft mini ramp, driveway with grind box, jump box, flat bank, rails and grind boxes. This 15 year old skatepark and is still in great condition!

Where can we go skating in Edinburgh?

Visit Sighthill Skatepark, it's a free, high quality skatepark that's open 24 hours a day

Sighthill skatepark is made up of all metal ramps on a tarmac base. The skatepark is right next to Sighthill college campus so you could visit the skatepark in between classes if you study their. The skatepark is a great place for beginners to learn how to do tricks and how to skate. People of any skill level can visit this skatepark.

  • Free entry
  • Open 24hrs
  • Perfect for beginner skaters


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