Sightseeing at Glasgow Cathedral

Arguably one of the most important buildings in Scotland and conveniently nestled into the city centre. This miraculous structure has an impressive past, most of which is easily visible inside and outside of the cathedral. It was the only medieval cathedral on the Scottish mainland to survive the protestant reformation almost completely intact. Some of its notable attractions are its fine post-war collections of stained glass windows in Britain.

Is booking required for Glasgow Cathedral?

Pre-booking for visiting the cathedral is encouraged by Historic Environment Scotland, this can be done online.

The site is managed by Historic Environment Scotland, which has helped keep Glasgow Cathedrals’ history and fine easily accessible to visitors. Special events such as religious ceremonies occur regularly within the buildings. The site is open all year round and tickets can be acquired online. However, entry is currently free of charge.

  • Parking is available a short walk from the cathedral.
  • Gift shop
  • Wheelchair accessible.

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