Silent Adventures are a startup company set around Britain, Ireland and other parts of Europe that offer a whale of a time throwing shapes to your heart’s content. Think of it as being part of a flash mob whereby everyone is letting go and so it would be silly not to join in. Take some great snaps of friends and family alike as they show off their moves. You will have a headset on with volume control so that you can enjoy the music as you like while getting guided through the beautiful city of Edinburgh by brilliant instructors who really just want you to have a great time!

Where can I find the meeting point in Edinburgh?

This changes depending on which event you are going to and at what time of year to a few different main spots in the city so make sure to check out where you should head when you book.
  • Experience around 60 minutes long
  • Headset provided
  • Bring your own air guitar
  • Prices for tickets are £16.95

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