Silverstone museum is full of the rarest memorabilia from over 70 years worth of racing at the most famous British track, there are so many interactive opportunities to keep it fun for all. It is all indoor so you are welcome no matter what the weather, you could also have the chance to go behind the scenes on race day and see all the hard work that goes unnoticed by many. If you’re feeling up to it you could even try to commentate a race on the new interactive race challenge, you can even take a walk up to the replica pit wall and race cars to get the ultimate buzz.

Why should i go to the Silverstone Museum?

The museum is 4000 square metres and is full of rich history that Silverstone race track has to offer, it is cheap to enter and there is also a gift shop on-site to take souvenirs home with you.

The Silverstone museum is perfect for any motorsport fan, with new memorabilia coming in all the time the museum is always good to keep visiting as you will see something new every time. If you are booking in groups of 10+ you will receive a 25% discount and 30% on groups of 20+. Silverstone museum is also perfect for parties and can cater for large groups when booking in advance, the interactive challenges make it perfect for 8-16 years old. You can also take advantage of the cafe on site to keep you and your peers refreshed when experiencing the wonders that the museum holds.

  • 20 pounds for an adult ticket when booking
  • 12 pounds only for children when booking
  • School trips available for booking

Silverstone Museum Facts

  • The Museum first opened to the public in 2019
  • Over 120,000 guests have experiences the history that lies within
  • It is over 4000 squared metres and full of the richest motor sport history
  • The museum cost over 20 million pounds to build

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