Are you a thrill chaser that is wanting to try to learn something new? Well, why not try skating? Down at Transition Extreme, they have a large indoor skatepark that is welcome to all. The park is accessible for skateboarding, rollerblading and BMXing. All of these activities are very rewarding once you learn a new trick and overcome the obstacles that you couldn’t achieve before. It is also very physical and is a great way to exercise while having fun.

Where can I go skating in Aberdeen?

Transition Extreme is just along the beachfront in Aberdeen.

Transition Extreme also welcomes beginners where you can book coaching times for whatever sport you would like to try. In the coaching sessions, you will be taught the fundamentals of the sport you choose. You can also rent the equipment for skateboarding and BMXing so you don’t need to have your own.

  • Wed-Fri: 12 pm-8 pm
  • Sat-Sun: 10 am-4 pm
  • 1 Hour session £7.50
  • BMX Hire, £10 (including helmet/pads)
  • Skateboard Hire, £7 (including helmet/pads)
  • Helmet/Pad Hire only, £5 per visit
  • 1 Hour coaching lessons are £13 with equipment, £15 without


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