SKI in Siglufjörður North Iceland

Siglufjörður SKI AREA

The ski area consists of 4 lifts and 10 slopes, an adventure trail, hilly slopes, a bobsled track and platforms. There are four ski lifts all with moderate to big jumps with the longest being the T-lift, also known as Doppelmayr, at 1034 metres and a fall height of 220 m, holding a capacity of 720 people per hour, which has been reliably churning since 1988! All types of equipment are available to rent from this ski resort with lessons also being provided for kids and adults.

How do I reach the slopes?

Head to the town of Siglufjörður up north and the ski resort is well signposted.

Winter program 2022:

  • Feb 17th – March 6th Winter vacation in the greater Reykjavík area
  • April 14 – 18th Easter fun
  • April 30th