Take the jump and leap out of a plane in St Andrews and skydive! Jump in tandem with a highly skilled and qualified instructor that will guide you through the whole jump process from the take-off to landing. You’ll go ten thousand feet in the air and end up free falling at one hundred and twenty miles per hour.

Where can I go skydiving in St Andrews?

Located at Fife Airport, Skydiving St Andrews is offering the skydiving experience of a lifetime! 

If you want your experience to be immortalised in a video, there is an option just for you! You can pick the Jump DVD option and have a cameraman jump at the same time with you and film your adventure. What an exciting memory that you can share with friends and family for years to come!

St Andrews is the perfect place to head after your skydiving experience. Brimming with history, splendid architecture and various coffee shops and restaurants, visiting St Andrews is definitely a must.

  • Book online or via phone, vouchers are eligible for 12 months
  • Jumps are available mainly on weekends and bank holidays (Jan to Nov) – exceptions on occasion
  • Must be over 16; under 18s must have adult consent before they can jump
  • Maximum weight of 14 stone (89KG)
  • Prices from £270 for tandem jumps
  • Different packages available such as “Jump DVD”
  • Highly qualified instructors will keep you safe with all equipment provided
  • Fife Airport is 25 miles from St Andrews

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