Are you a fan of historic architecture? Slains Castle is an old castle that was built in 1594. Due to neglect the castle is now empty and is free to visit and wander around at your leisure. walk around all the rooms and get a sense of its magnitude from how it once was. The castle was originally built as a fortress back in 1200 but was later destroyed. 

Where is Slains castle? 

Along with the cliff faces of Cruden Bay, just over 8 miles drive from Peterhead.

As the story goes the writer Bram Stocker of the world-famous book Dracula had visited Slains castle, he was said to be so inspired by the castle that it is where he set the basis for his book. Bram stayed in a nearby hotel while writing the book and in early drafts had it that Dracula came across the sea from Transylvania and came among the shores of Cruden Bay (This was later changed to Whitby in Yorkshire). So if you are in the area this is definitely a place to visit for its beautiful views along the coast and its rich history. 

  • Free entry
  • Free Car parking
  • Dog friendly

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