Sledmere House and Gardens

Sledmere House and Gardens are a beautiful way to spend a sunny day in East Yorkshire! At the house they have a few activities making it great visit for all ages to relax, have a picnic, learn something new, and see an amazing country house! They have currently got three gardens that are inspired by music and the local area and throughout the year they will flourish in their own way but, they will all be particularly beautiful during spring and summer. You can also book a guided tour with the head gardener to get brilliant insight into the arrangements and the history and reconstruction of the gardens.

Where is Sledmere House?

Sledmere House is in the north of the East Riding of Yorkshire, only a short drive from Driffield and about an hour from York.

They also have other attractions such as the Wagoners Museum, the circular walk the stables, a rare breeds park, a playground and, of course, the house itself! The Museum tells the story of the Wagoner’s special reserve and would be interesting for all ages. The stables and rare breeds conservation farm park are a great place to get up close and personal with lots of beautiful native farm breeds such as rare horses, sheep and pigs! The circular walk is a great way to get your boots on and get a view of Sledmere House from a distance making it a great way to get a bit of exercise and and get some good photos in the Yorkshire countryside.

  • Check on their website for opening times as they change throughout the year.
  • The house is open for guided tours or free flowing visits so check online and book to make sure you get your spot!


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