Snowboarding up in the cairngorms is something that you do not want to miss so why not come up and ride down the thirty-two runs they have to offer!

Where in the Scottish Highlands can you go snowboarding?

At the Cairngorm Mountains during the winter season, you can ski and snowboard across all the different slopes!

There is a café on the slope so no need to pack lunch and you are able to rent out all the equipment you’ll need for the day ( or however long you wish to visit) the slopes are perfect for people of all levels so no matter what you’ll have a great time. a day ticket is £30 for an adult so perfect for a day out. Obviously, the slopes are weather dependent as you need snow so if you do want to go skiing or snowboarding you will have to go during the winter season however if you are just looking for a quick getaway in the summer you can go hiking and walking up and along these beautiful hills.

If you are a senior as in aged 75 or over you are lucky enough to be gifted a super seniors discount which gives you a free ticket for the season and for other people the cost ranges from £76-£420 for the whole season but even if you go just for a couple of days it will still be an absolutely fantastic experience.

  • Several facilities and training classes are available on the slopes
  • All equipment is available for rent on the day or online before going
  • Fully marked areas for both new and experienced snowboarders

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