Snowmobile Tour at Súlumýrar Winter Park
Snowmobile Tour at Súlumýrar Winter Park

Snowmobile Tour at Súlumýrar Winter Park

Fancy riding a Snowmobile in Iceland Funstackers?

Glide through the hills and valleys of northern Iceland on an exciting snowmobile tour at Súlumýrar Winter Park. This is perfect for any thrillseekers who wish to see the stunning icy scenery of Iceland in adrenaline-pumping style! Whizzing by the snowy peaks with your guides and fellow adventurers who you will meet at the foot of a mountain!

Authentic local food will be brought along and cooked up for you as part of the package to munch to your heart’s content. A unique delicacy is cooked up for you that they call a ‘barbeque sledge’, which is simply put, a grill on skis specially designed for an energy-reviving, tasty treat high up in the mountains!

How can I get to the Snowmobile Tour at Súlumýrar Winter Park?

Head to the location on the map below at Post (Zip) Code: MR5Q+WHR in the town of Akureyri, Iceland.

Snowmobile tour – 2 hours:

  • Single ride: 44.000 ISK per person
  • Double ride: 29.000 ISK per person
  • Pickup in town: 2.500 ISK per person
  • Tours are available from December 1st – May 15th
  • Open every day from 13:00
  • Operate during Christmas and New Year
  • Longer and expedition tours are available upon request

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