Snowsports Centre in Surrey

If you’re looking to experience snowsports in the south, then the Alpine Snowsports Centre has you covered!

Where is the snow sports centre in Surrey?

Located in Galleway Road in Aldershot, you'll find Active Nation Snowsports Centre about a 25-minute drive west of Surrey via the B380.

Want to imagine you are in the snowy Alps? Aldershot Snow Centre has the perfect mix of slopes, equipment and staff to ensure you have the smoothest experience. From the alpine classics like skiing and snowboarding to a crazy donut experience where you float down the slope in an inflatable ring, they have something for everyone! Whether you are a complete beginner or an epic skiing pro, add this to your stack for a thrilling activity that will leave you with some fantastic memories and feel totally revitalised.

Skiing tips

If this is your first time skiing, then we’ve got some tips to help you get started:

  • Make sure you lean forward when you skiing, as this will help you greatly in controlling your skis.
  • Keep an eye on your knees and ensure they’re bent and flexible, as this will make it far easier to move around.
  • And of course, take a lesson! Active Nation in Surrey is a great place to start, getting you familiar with all the moves and techniques you’ll need to get started cruising.

Welcoming all ages and abilities (4+) the centre offers ski and snowboard lessons, race training sessions, group sessions and birthday parties. The centre has three dry slopes each fitted with a ski lift to get the ultimate ski experience. The main slope is 110 metres, and the two nursery slopes are both 75 metres. It is the perfect place to host birthday parties where you can spin and slide on the slopes, and then enjoy a tasty meal in the private room!

  • Monday to Sunday- 10am- 5:30pm
  • Donut – £13.75pp
  • Ski lessons- from £15pp
  • Snowboarding lessons- from £15pp
  • Party table hire- £35pp

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