Sol Cinema in Ceredigion

Calling all movie buffs! Since 2010, The Sol Cinema offers customers the opportunity to watch a handpicked film in a totally unique environment. The cinema is a solar-powered vintage caravan that has been lovingly designed as a mobile movie theatre at just 7ft high and 16ft long, complete with 8 plush seats (8 adults or 10 younger people). There’s excellent surround sound, so it’s authentic to the typical cinema experience! They also have the capacity to host Q&A sessions with the filmmakers after certain screenings. Although they project films, you can ask them in advance to project whatever you like during your private booking! All of the cinema amenities are available –  there’s an usherette service and fresh popcorn! It’s a cinematic experience like no other. Not one to miss!

Where can I find Sol Cinema?

It changes locations frequently, but does park up in Ceredigion! Please check their website for more information.
  • Check their website for information about upcoming events/locations

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