Sports tours are a unique way to see any part of Iceland you like, whether you’re into horse riding or snowmobiling you can see it all.  Snowmobiling in North Iceland is truly breathtaking, whether it’s seeing the Northern Lights in the cold winters night from the top of Troll Peninsula mountain or the cool temperature in the spring, those who brave the conditions will not regret it s you will see things that you will cherish forever. If Catskiing is another activity you fancy doing then look no further, you will start at the top of Troll Peninsula mountain and will be able to ski all the way to the bottom, this mountain rises to sea level giving you the chance to ski all the way down to sea level.

Why go on a sports tour?

Sports tour agency are offering a wide range of activities so now is the best time to go on one, whether it's snowmobiling or dogsledding, sports tour offer it all, they are a special adrenaline buzzed tour which will take you to see it all.

Another activity you can do is horse riding, here you will be driven to a farm and have the chance to go horse riding for one, two or three hours, not only will you see the amazing countryside on your way to the farm, but you will also travel down tricky paths and up nice mountains on horseback. Does dogsledding interest you? To experience the sheer power of huskies pulling you through the snow whilst taking in all the beauty around you. This is where you will be given the opportunity to control the sledge with an experienced musher.

  • Sports tours offer tours all around Iceland
  • Private tours and individual tours are available
  • Many years experience within the company
  • Open since 1944

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