No visit to Stirling is complete without a trip to the Castle! Once the heart of the Scottish Monarchy and the centre of courtly life, the impressive palace and fortress have roots in ancient times and the additions over the centuries tell an architectural story as well as a cultural one. Explore the wealth of history, art and wonder stored inside and outside its walls, the views alone will take your breath away! The palace, which was once the seat of King James V, is one of the best-preserved renaissance buildings in the whole UK as well as the childhood home of Mary Queen of Scots! With so much history to discover and lavish rooms to explore, Stirling Castle is the perfect place to spend the day and a must-add for your Stack!

Why not add Stirling Castle to your Stack?

This amazing historic site is definitely worth a visit! With tons to do and see for people of all ages, it's a great thing to do on holiday or as a fun day trip. Fans of Scottish history would have an incomplete Stack without this historic gem on it.

Whilst you could spend the whole day here, with a great cafe on site and plenty to keep you occupied, there’s also plenty to do in the city below! With numerous other fascinating historic sites around the castle including the jailhouse, –, and famously haunted graveyard, just walking around Stirling is a treat in itself. If you’re looking to do the full history tour then be sure to visit the Bannockburn centre as well as the Wallace monument just outside of town, commemorating the fight for Scottish independence.

  • Adult tickets are £14, Concessions (65+) are £11.20, and £8.40 for Children (under 15)
  • Family tickets range from £28-£48 depending on group size
  • Ticket prices are currently reduced due to reduced access to some parts of the castle due to Covid-19 restrictions
  • Book parking in advance if required
  • Walking distance from the train station
  • Contact them if you have any concerns about accessibility and they’ll do their best to make sure you have a smooth visit

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