Stirling Detective Mystery Trail

Want to explore the streets of Stirling with a real sense of purpose? Try the Detective Mystery trail – an addictive and family-friendly way to interact with this beautiful historic city! Lasting around an hour and covering roughly 2 miles in a loop, is a great way to stretch your legs and discover new things about Stirling.

Where can I find unique self-guided walking tours in Stirling?

The Stirling Detective Mystery Trail is a great tour for kids and adults alike! With plenty to explore and an intriguing case to solve, you'll have to work together to track clues around the city and find the culprit.

If you get stuck don’t worry, they can send you clues via text to ensure no mystery trail goes unsolved. There’s even a chance you’ll win some real treasure, with all correct answers to the mystery entered into a monthly £100 prize draw!

Stirling - did you know?

  • Stirling may be Scotland’s smallest city, but it was also once the country’s capital!
  • Nearly half of the city’s population is made up of students at 18,000 – the total population is 34,000.
  • It was only granted city status by Queen Elizabeth in 2002, meaning this year it’s only 2 decades old and Scotland’s youngest city.

Request your mystery trail guide via post or simply download it from their website. After that, it’s just a matter of setting off into the city and solving the mystery! After you’ve cracked the case, why not keep exploring? There are plenty of fantastic places to eat with dietary options for everyone, as well as plenty of other tours and historic sites to see. Why not explore Stirling by day with the mystery trail and then by night with one of their famous ghost walks?

  • The trail takes around 2 hours and starts at Baker Street
  • Prices start at £9.99
  • 2-mile loop
  • Dog friendly

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