Calling all photographers, and/or photography enthusiasts! Since 1989 Street Level Photoworks has been providing artists with the opportunity to showcase their work in the heart of Scotland’s largest city. Their facility in the Trongate area of Glasgow is laid out to provide visitors with the most engaging of experiences. Being a gallery and an open production area, this day out couldn’t be more unique.

Why should I visit Street Level Photoworks?

To enjoy a unique and engaging day out, who knows it might inspire you to take up art or photography!

Street-level Photoworks also provide educational programmes for locals and visitors to partake in, if photography is something you always wanted to try, then why not give it a go? Along with this, the company provide local outreach programmes to help educate as many people as people. If a visit is all you are after, at the end of your viewing inside the gallery, there is a shop that showcases photography magazines, Self-published books and high-quality photographic prints by local artists.

  • Gift shop.
  • Central location.
  • Open from Tuesday to Sunday 12-5 pm.
  • Free admission.

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