Stump Cross Caverns

Stump Cross Caverns

Why not spend an hour exploring this magical, 300 million year old, limestone cavern while learning about its rich history and the fossils that were found inside! Greenhow’s specific geology has allowed this beautiful cave to be formed leaving us with a magical experience with lots of stalagmites and stalactites!

Where can I find caves in Yorkshire?

These ancient caves in the south of the Yorkshire Dales are truly magical and will have you oohing and ahhing the whole way through!

Discovered in 1860 by lead miners new passageways were found over time which had ancient fossils and remains of prehistoric creatures which you can learn about in the caves. You can also book a twilight self-guided tour where you can go in the evening and the cave will be lit up with UV making the experience even more special. There is also a lovely café with freshly made food from local ingredients to top off your cave exploration.

  • Cave walk is self guided and takes about 55 mins
  • Cave is 7 degrees so dress warm
  • Fossil quiz available at the ticket booth so kids can learn more and have fun along the way
  • Tickets are £11 per adult £7 per child

Stump Cross Caverns

Greenhow Hill
Pateley Bridge
Phone: 01756 752780


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