Super Jeep Tours in Iceland

Do you want to experience Iceland from the comfort of a car? Well, look no further because we’ve got the perfect activity for your stack! Take a 4×4 super jeep tour with Boreal in an adventurous excursion, with the theme of your choice – whether you want to experience glaciers, volcanos, or just some chilled out photography sessions, Boreal has got you covered.

Can I drive around Iceland?

Simple answer - yes, but better to do it in style with a 4x4 super jeep with Boreal! With tours across the most beautiful parts of Iceland, there's no better way to experience the natural landscapes of this spectacular island.

These truck tours are ideal for nature-lovers, adventure seekers or anyone who’s looking for a unique experience in Iceland. You can create your own private tailor-made super truck tour using the 4×4 motorhomes, equipped with all the luxuries of home, perfect for a remote overnight stay in Iceland’s stunning natural landscapes. Choose to take to the wheel yourself, or have an experienced driver lead the way.

You can also pick from one of their many fantastic tours. If you want to experience Iceland’s essential highlights, the Golden Circle tour will present to you volcanos, waterfalls, glaciers and valleys in an unforgettable ride, or hunt for the northern lights at the Aurora Borealis in a once in a lifetime opportunity.

  • Check the tours page for your options.
  • Contact them by email for more information on each tour, as there is no online booking system.

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