Supertrike Beer or Wine Taster Tour in Hawkes Bay

Supertrike tours are a great way to see the staggering New Zealand countryside and get to see how people in New Zealand live. this tour is no different! Their beer/cider or wine tour lets you choose to suit the taste buds of your group and lets you choose between visiting a couple of wineries or visiting a local brewery, both options that include tasting and opportunities for cellar door deals if you like what you taste!

Where can I get a unique tour experience in Hawke's Bay?

Supertrike offer a selection of great tours with their unique method of travel and topics making it a truly unforgettable experience!

On your journey you will be in a V8 Supertrike so you’ll be able to see and learn about New Zealand in a way that you’ve experienced it before!

  • The trip lasts approx 2 hours with 1-2 stops at your choice of winery or brewery.
  • ​Tasting fees included. (1 beer/cider tasting rack between 2 people)
  • Additional food or drinks not included.
  • Adults $165, Children $82.50 (U12). Minimum fare $330.
    (Not available on cruise ship days)


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