Take a Step Back and Visit Great Barrier Island

Attention all attention seekers! Are you looking for something unforgettable to do on your next day off? Or do you want to keep the younger ones entertained? Either way, make sure to visit Great Barrier Island near Auckland! This island is highly unique, with over 70% of the area being a protected conservation site. This allows visitors to step back in time, and see nature in all its beauty!

What is the perfect retreat getaway?

One of the most fascinating islands in the world is the Great Barrier Island in New Zealand. This island is perfect for getting away from society, with nature being at its forefront. It is located a short trip from Auckland.

Of course, this island is perfect for nature lovers. However, for budding Stargazers, the whole island is a protected Dark Sky Reserve! This is the perfect break away from modern society and can be great as a retreat for taking a step back. The lack of cell coverage and wifi really would leave you feeling as if you stepped back in time! So, take a breath of fresh air, and visit the fantastic Great Barrier Island!

  • Located a short flight from the main islands.
  • Flights cost around $109 per person.
  • Perfect for families.


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