The Botanical Gardens at Royal Victoria Park in Bath

Bath’s Botanic Gardens in Royal Victoria Park were originally created in 1887, and they have been beautifully and thoughtfully maintained since then. There are over nine acres of protected land to explore, with a lush selection of trees and shrubs, a fine herbaceous border, a rock garden and pool, and even a replica of a classic Roman Temple (the City’s exhibit at the British Empire Exhibition held at Wembley in 1924). This beautiful slice of the natural world in the city centre is well worth a visit.

Where can I find Bath's Botanical Gardens?

Less than a mile from Bath City Centre in the northwest corner of the Park.

There’s a focus on sustainability in the cultivation of this garden – many of the trees have been donated and they watch their water usage closely. Every inch of the garden is covered in wildlife, flora and fauna! Take a walk through the verdant woodland garden, gaze at the colourful fish in the little pond by the moorhen house, or take a seat on a bench and simply enjoy the relaxing sights and sounds of this radiant garden.

  • Entry: Free
  • Open 24 hours a day

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