The Bucks Head 100oz Steak Challenge near Wigan

Nestled in the heart of Wigan, North of England, The Bucks Head Abram stands as a testament to traditional British pub culture, offering both locals and visitors alike a warm welcome into its historic embrace. This charming establishment not only serves as a hub for social gatherings but also immerses its guests in the rich tapestry of local history and culinary excellence. As you step through its doors, you’re greeted by an atmosphere that combines rustic charm with contemporary comfort, making it an ideal spot for anyone looking to experience authentic British hospitality.

A brief history

The Bucks Head Abram has been at the heart of its community for centuries, evolving through the years while retaining its unique character and spirit. Originally established as a coaching inn in the 18th century, it has witnessed significant historical events and changes, adapting to meet the needs of each new generation while preserving its heritage. Today, it stands not just as a pub but as a living museum of local history.

What makes The Bucks Head Abram stand out from other pubs in Wigan?

The Bucks Head Abram distinguishes itself through its deep-rooted history as a coaching inn dating back to the 18th century, combined with its commitment to preserving this heritage while providing modern comforts and amenities. Its extensive menu featuring locally sourced ingredients and regular community-focused events further contribute to its unique appeal.

What’s on offer

At The Bucks Head Abram, visitors can expect more than just a pint of ale. The pub boasts an extensive menu featuring traditional British dishes made from locally sourced ingredients, alongside modern culinary delights that cater to diverse palates. Weekly events such as quiz nights and live music sessions add to the vibrant atmosphere, ensuring there’s always something happening to entertain guests.

Exploring the surroundings

The location of The Bucks Head Abram offers an excellent starting point for exploring Wigan and its surrounding areas. From picturesque countryside walks to visiting local landmarks like Wigan Pier and Haigh Woodland Park, there’s plenty to see and do within easy reach of the pub. For those interested in delving deeper into local culture, nearby museums and galleries provide fascinating insights into the region’s industrial heritage and artistic contributions.

Why visit?

Visiting The Bucks Head Abram is more than just stopping by for food and drink; it’s about experiencing a piece of English heritage. Its friendly staff go above and beyond to ensure every guest feels at home, whether they’re locals or travelers from afar. With its blend of historical charm, delicious cuisine, lively events, and prime location for exploring Wigan’s attractions, The Bucks Head Abram offers something truly special for everyone.


  • Historic establishment dating back to the 18th century
  • Extensive menu with locally sourced ingredients
  • Weekly events including quiz nights and live music
  • Ideal location for exploring Wigan’s countryside and cultural landmarks
  • Friendly atmosphere welcoming locals and visitors alike

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