The Chilli Challenge at Boozy Cow in Edinburgh!

Boozy Cow in Edinburgh is known for selling delicious chilli dogs, burgers and fries. But if you’re feeling like a spicier dog, burger and fries than ever before, they’ve got you covered. The chilli challenge is a food challenge which is less about the size of the meal and more about how spicy it is. You will be served a hotdog, burger and fries all topped with Boozy Cow’s hot and spicy chilli. The Chilli is super spicy with liberal amounts of scotch bonnet and ghost pepper hot sauce used in the making of it.

Is there a chilli dog challenge in Edinburgh?

Yes, visit Boozy Cow and eat a chilli dog, a chilli burger and chilli fries in under 15 minutes and you'll be victorious.

The other reason this challenge is hard is that you have a severely limited time to eat all of it. You have 15 minutes to eat all 3 items in this challenge and if you can’t do it in 15 minutes you fail! The quickest anyone has ever done this challenge is 6 minutes – do you think you have what it takes to beat that time?

  • Visit Boozy Cow in Edinburgh to do this challenge or just to enjoy the delicious food and drink options they have on offer including vegetarian options and as the name suggests – booze!
  •  While doing this challenge you also are given a milkshake of your choosing which may make this challenge easier for newcomers to food challenges
  • On weekdays Boozy Cow is open 12 pm – 11 am and on weekends it’s open 12 pm – 1 am (Friday – Saturday)

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