Featuring over 100 carefully selected Classic Cars ranging over the past 100 years this fabulous collection of automobiles is perfect for anyone looking for a bit of nostalgia for when British cars ruled the roads. With Austins, Minis, and Jags there’s a good chance you’ll even spot a few you recognise as your mum’s or dad’s old car! It brings to life rare parts of British Motoring heritage and gives you the opportunity to see iconic cars like the Reliant Robin or Austin Allegro.

Where can I drive a classic car?

At Great British Car Journey, there is an exciting possibility to drive 1 of 30 vintage cars ranging from a zippy Mini to a premium Jaguar XJS. A truly unique hands-on experience.

The journey is also a brilliant museum in which you can learn about the rise and fall of the British car industry and give kids a good slice of modern history. You may learn a lot yourself!

For an additional cost, you can take the experience one step further with their Drive Dad’s Car collection where you can pick from 30 cars to feel what it was like to drive a bit of history!

  • Standard entrance is £15 pp
  • Child’s entrance 5-15 is £7 pp
  • Drive Dad’s Car Experience ranges from £45 to £70 depending on which car.

Fun facts about British cars!

  • The Mini became the first British car to sell more than 1,000,000 units.
  • Steve McQueen owned a Jaguar XKSS, sold it, and then regretted the decision so much he bought it back and kept it until he died.
  • The first Land Rover had a steering wheel in the middle of the car!

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