The Hull History Centre is the best way to get an in depth look into the past of this historic city! It houses thousands and thousands of archived documents, photos and records for you to dig into if you want to discover new and exciting things about Hull’s history. If your a Hull resident this is the place to go on your very own ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ journey and learn about your ancestors and how they lived their lives!

Where is the Hull History Centre?

The Hull History Centre is right in the heart of Hull city centre on Worship Street. Its only a short walk from the train station and other museums!

They also regularly hold exhibitions, such as the Lego History of Hull featured below, that explore local icons, buildings and life and are a great way to get a more manageable sized bite of history compared to their enormous collection of archived pieces. Also check online for their schedule as they do talks and seminars that are perfect if you love learning from local experts and about topics such as World War 1 and 2, Hull University, the people of Hull, and much much more!

  • Opening times
    • Opening times vary between rooms but, most of the building is open from 10.00-12.30 and 2.00-4.30

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