The Jack The Ripper Tour in London

Delve into the shadowy alleys and gas-lit streets of London’s East End with the Jack The Ripper Tour, a journey that not only explores the infamous 1888 murders but also immerses visitors in the atmosphere of Victorian London. This guided tour takes participants back in time to one of the most mysterious and unsolved serial killer cases in history. As they navigate through the historic locations associated with Jack The Ripper, visitors will learn about the lives of his victims, the social conditions of the time, and hear theories surrounding the identity of the murderer. It’s an experience that combines history, mystery, and a touch of horror.

Why take the Jack The Ripper Tour?

The Jack The Ripper Tour is more than just a walk; it’s an immersive historical experience. Led by expert guides who are passionate about Victorian history and criminology, this tour offers insights into not only the crimes themselves but also into London’s past. Participants will visit key sites such as Mitre Square, where Catherine Eddowes was found, and Hanbury Street, site of Annie Chapman’s murder. Alongside these visits, guides provide compelling narratives that bring 19th-century Whitechapel to life.

What makes the Jack The Ripper Tour different from other historical tours in London?

The Jack The Ripper Tour stands out because it focuses specifically on one of history's most intriguing unsolved mysteries within a very localized area of London’s East End. It combines historical facts with storytelling about real-life events from over a century ago while providing insights into Victorian society.

What to expect on your tour

Expect an engaging blend of storytelling and historical exploration on this tour. Guides use photographs and documentary evidence from the period to enhance the experience, making it easier for visitors to imagine London as it was over a century ago. The tour typically lasts around two hours and covers approximately one mile on foot. It’s suitable for all ages, although due to its macabre subject matter, it may not be appropriate for younger children.

Tips for making the most out of your visit

To fully enjoy your Jack The Ripper Tour experience, wear comfortable walking shoes as you’ll be exploring on foot. Evening tours can get quite chilly so dressing warmly is advisable. Bringing along a small flashlight could also enhance your experience when visiting darker locations. Be prepared for some graphic descriptions of crimes; while educational, they can be unsettling.

Frequently asked questions

Visitors often have questions regarding tour specifics such as starting points, booking requirements, or group sizes. Most tours begin at a designated meeting point near Aldgate or Tower Hill tube stations – details are usually provided upon booking. Advance booking is highly recommended as tours can fill up quickly especially during peak tourist seasons. Group sizes vary but are generally kept small to ensure a personal and immersive experience.

A unique way to explore London

The Jack The Ripper Tour offers an alternative perspective on London’s rich tapestry of history. Beyond just tales of murder and mystery, it provides insight into Victorian society’s complexities – from class disparities to police procedures at the time. For those interested in crime history or looking for an unconventional way to see London’s historic East End, this tour presents a compelling option.


  • Expert guides with deep knowledge about Victorian history and criminology
  • Visits to key historic sites associated with Jack The Ripper
  • Use of photographs and documentary evidence from 1888
  • Tour lasts around two hours covering approximately one mile on foot
  • Suitable for all ages (with discretion advised for younger children)

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