The Kings Trail – Horse riding

The King’s trail is a fantastic tour that will take you across the western highlands from the wonderful Vatnsdalur Valley in the north to the magnificent nation Þingvellir in the south. There is some unique history behind The King’s trail as in 1907 the king of Denmark visited the king of Iceland which forced locals to make the paths and routes better for visiting the kings in the old parliament. That is why today it is called the king’s trial. This historic trail is filled with information over a thousand years old. You will visit places like the Þingvellir National park which is the best place to visit in the whole of Iceland and there is no better way to arrive than on horseback.

Where can we book?

Booking is easy, you just need to go on the islandshestar website and click on the tours tab and it will take you to a list of all the tours they have available.

The trail will last 6 nights, 7 riding days, all food and accommodation costs are covered in the full price. You will be staying in 5 different locations throughout the 6 nights all across Iceland. Throughout your seven days, you will cover approximately 390km in distance. This trail is advised for “advanced riders” and above as some of the paths are a tricky route to steer a horse down. You will stay in shared cabins with 2-4 people and will sleep in your own sleeping bag.

  • Adults prices from 2590 EUR
  • Accommodation provided each night
  • Pack lightly as transport space is limited
  • Flight to and from Iceland is not included in the price

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