Ever imagined what it would be like if an alien landed on earth? The Martian sculpture in Woking is exactly that! Installed by artist Michael Condron to commemorate the 100th anniversary of H.G wells classic ‘The War of the Worlds’ where one of the famous tripods lands and wreaks havoc in Horsell common near working. Standing at 23 feet tall and 7 inches thick, this enormous alien sculpture is hard to miss!

Where is the Martian sculpture Woking?

You'll find this incredible sculpture around a 10-minute walk north of Woking station, via Chobham Road. This space invader art is open to the public at all times, so if you’re planning a visit to Woking or just passing by, you can witness what it would look like if there was an alien on earth!

H.G Well wrote The War of the World over 100 years ago and this interpretative sculpture has three components: the cylinder, bacteria and the tripod itself – you can even see the aliens’ tentacles poke out of the bottom!

War of the Worlds facts

  • War of the Worlds was published all the way back in 1898 and was revolutionary for two reasons…
    1. It’s thought to be the first alien invasion novel, helping to pioneer science fiction!
    2. He was one of the few to expose the flaws of Victorian society, shocking the public at the time.
  • A few decades after the book’s initial release, famous author Orson Welles aired the infamous radio drama adaption – this caused panic among the public, as many of them thought it was a real emergency broadcast!
  • It has received various adaptions in its lifetime, including Stephen Spielberg’s 2005 film, and Jeff Wayne’s music album. This album has been number 1 in the charts across 11 different countries!

This is the perfect place to capture a crazy photo opportunity to share with your friends and family, located at the end of Crown square in Woking town centre.

  • Open to the public all day long
  • Made of Chrome steel

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